Episode 16: Meanwhile, Back in Erfurt…

Meanwhile, Back in Erfurt…

In this episode we are pivoting from Augustine, back to Martin Luther. There is a bit more history about the Augustinians in Erfurt, and then inner conflict in the Augustinian Order between the observant and conventual friars.  We are introduced to Martin’s mentor, Johannes von Staupitz, as Luther begins his studies on the way to receiving a doctorate in Theology.

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  1. Thank you for the Podcast. I am in the process of becoming a Lutheran and your history has been very insightful. As a History Teacher myself, I appreciate the time and effort you have put into the program. I am half way through and look forward to the continuing story.

  2. Another great episode! Your pronunciation of Erfurt was painful to listen to though. If you google German words, many times there is a pronunciation guide and an audio recording. Erfurt is closer to (air-foort) rather than (ur-fert) as you were pronouncing it in this episode.

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