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Episode 2: Meet the Parents

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In Episode 2 we learn the backstory to Luther’s family.

Now on iTunes!!

Good Morning!

Since I am definitely a “newbie” to the world of podcasting, I really didn’t know how to go about getting a show on iTunes.  All in all, it was easy, and relatively quick.   Yesterday late afternoon, I received word; The Life and Times of Martin Luther is now on iTunes!  So now, you can go over to iTunes, search for the show.  Look for the cover art, that will help, and download an episode. (Actually, I have added a link, so just click on Dr. Luther’s portrait below, and that will take you to the iTunes webpage.  Then, just go to view in iTunes, and you are there.) If your are feeling really brave, subscribe.  That way, when a new episode is published, and you open the app, it will download automatically, or at least, let you know that there is a new show.

LTML Cover Art


Please listen, and please give “Five Stars!”  With more positive ratings and reviews, more people will be able to find the show.

Thanks for the support, and thanks for listening!!


The Life and Times of Martin Luther Episode 1: To Begin

This “pilot” episode details how and why this podcast is beginning, with an overview of the story arch and scope of the podcast. Namely, the life of Martin Luther, in tandem with the events of the Reformation.  The series will also capture many of the events, inventions, daily life and personalities of the 15th & 16th centuries.

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