Episode 7: The Early Years-Alternative vs. Real History

Episode 7!

On this program, we begin discussing the what we know about Luther’s early days.  As before, there are some facts we know, a fair amount conjecture, and frankly a whole lot of myth.  This early life has been the debate of various biographers through the centuries.  There have been quite a bit of early missteps, which have gotten replicated over and over again, and as such, it is sort of like the “phone game” with bad facts.  Essentially, the data was wrong to begin with, and this bad fact got repeated over and over again, until some wrong facts became the staple of some of these earnest biographers.  Then there is a trend in the 20th century to psychoanalyze Luther on the therapists’ couch from 400+ years away and without being able to interview the patient.

At first, some of the errant stories are strung together to generate an alternative history.  Then we rewind, and discuss what is known about the real history, and then discuss the viability of the psychoanalysis so far from the time and without a great deal of the actual facts.

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  1. Thank you for your work to provide such great history on Martin Luther. I appreciate the effort a great deal!

    • Steve

      October 5, 2017 at 2:51 am


      My apologies, I just saw this note. Thanks so very much for the kind words and for listening! I hope you continue to enjoy the program.


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