Episode 25: The Augustinian Administrator

In this episode, we return to the life of Martin Luther, with a recap of where we have been in his life up to now, learn about the city of Wittenberg, and discuss Martin’s rise in the Augustinian order.

Today happens to be the 500th Anniversary of the Martin’s posting of the 95 Theses in Wittenberg.   Happy Anniversary Martin!

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  1. Hi Steve, way back when you started this journey I was in the early stages of my own journey – writing a fictionalised biography of Katharina von Bora. One book became two and the first one was published two weeks ago (we were thinking of having the launch today, but when the bookshop pointed out it was Halloween we decided it wasn’t appropriate.) I have enjoyed reading your posts along the way. It is good to have made it to Reformation Day and to have hit my target of having my book out in time to coincide with the anniversary. I am now praying that this book will give me opportunity to witness to the power of faith, as Martin and Katharina did 500 years ago.

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