Episode 22: The Monarchs and The Papas; the History of the Papacy Part 3

This time, we will look at some of the popes and events which shaped the papacy’s up and down status with monarchs throughout Europe.  Old friends Charles “The Hammer”, Pepin the Short, Charlemagne, Otto the Great, and Henry IV are sometimes allies and sometimes foes of popes such as Hadrian I, Stephen II, Leo III and Gregory VII.


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(The Donation of Constantine)

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  1. Marianne Mercer

    August 21, 2017 at 10:53 pm

    Thank you for answering my question about the music on your podcast. I would have thought it to be an amazing coincidence had it been the group I heard in Munch. You did not in anyway burst my bubble. I listen to podcasts before I fall asleep, had just finished the previous one and was about to drift off to sleep when I heard my name. What a surprise! Still enjoying your presentations and find them to be very educational. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us.
    Marianne Mercer

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